January 28, 2008

its just fhuu

tom cruise at it again. this time rambling nonsense about scientology.
apparently the scientology officials after giving tom freedom to speak
about whatever, have since made youtube take off this clip. i found it
on gawker.com check out this 9 minute clip while you can.

January 24, 2008

the house

i want to do a frikin slideshow instead of just post a bunch of photos, but i don't have time to figure it out since i have to hand draw the alphabet in roman font by tomorrow morning. so here they are until someone who knows how to do it tells me. so tell me if you know. we love the house, although we have had one mishap. it begins on a rainy night, mr. moby needed to be coaxed outside to do business, and i couldn't get him to (he doesn't much care for the cold) so tara came out and i shut the front door. locking us out with no phones, keys, and shoeless. (we had slippers not barefoot) long story short. after running to our landlords who weren't home, and prying a window open enough for tara to slip in we got back in. mobys new name is bast*** fac*


we love guests. (feel free to drop in any time) tara has yet to be too lonely. that could be because her family has been here twice in two weeks and our good friends mary and jake have also stopped by for a weekend. we have had a great time. we are all moved in (as stated in previous entry) we have wined and dined in old town pasadena and even made it to disneyland. I love dland!!!! (this is tara now, colt is teaching me about the blogging world. he says i have to have projects and things to do now, he is very busy and is trying to get me to leave his hot self alone) colt gave me a season pass to the magical kingdom for my birthday and i was so happy, i weeped. i then encouraged my dad to go all out for his twenty fifth wedding anniversary (boonanna) and next thing i knew heidi was my partner to holler on space mountain! if i can't have my weekly matinée with my sweet mom this will have to do. i love her so! we laughed all weekend. she came with calli, hannah, my aunt robin (who threw her disney pass in the garbage can and had to dig it out while being heckled) and my sweet grandma, paki!! paki never goes anywhere, i was thrilled to have her come out! at disneyland we made her get a wheelchair so we could benefit and get to the front of the lines. that made it so much nicer. we may have abused that privilege a bit? it was wonderful because she grew up just down the street in el serino. on sunday we had a tour of her old stomping grounds. we went to her school and adorable house on templeton street. we also drove past the pasadena civic center where she would boogie down with grandpa george. we then had a lovely dinner at the cheesecake factory. i (colton) almost left the restaurant with my napkin around my neck like a bandanna until i was stopped by laughter from the table of ladies. i go by the name of bandito now. paki and robin were staying down the road at the santa anita inn and the rest of the girls bunked here on air matresses. colt was a very lucky man! cousin mel and her four adorable children trecked north from temecula ((the city where tori and dean inn love reality show on the e channel was filmed) we happened to watch both seasons in one day coincidentally)) we had a fun time with baby audrey susan and ry ry, emma and matthew. we had a first taste of the souplantation with them, then came back home for a little contemporary interpretive dance session.it was great to see them. they are going to have to be our replacements for ryan and wendy and the kidlets. (we miss you guys)

January 14, 2008

arcadia residents fully engaged

the move from utah to california was complicated by a white out from north of beaver to cedar city, slowing traffic down to 30 mph max, making a fifty minute stretch into about a 200 minute snowy mess. we got here the day before i started a three day orientation at my school, which has been amazing. tara has done a great job of unpacking all our things and getting our house livable. since we have been here it has been relatively warm and relatively pleasant. we are getting accustomed to a few california specific things though. i learned this morning on the way to class that you can't roll through a yellow/red light to turn right and not get a ticket (you might not be able to do that in utah either) and tara learned that you can't put trash in the green can, because then you have to dig it back out and place it in the black can. you can't put most of it in the blue can either. so we are learning. heidi, lance and chase were a huge help in the move and after they left jake and mary visited and were a big help also. emotional mostly, but they did lend a helping hand. we have found a few great spots to eat so far and are on the constant lookout for more. art center blows my mind and my brain. i am amazed at the resources that are here. it is unbelievable. you truly have the ability to create anything you could imagine up and the instructors are world class. apparently the traffic patrol is world class also.

January 3, 2008

almost gone / head to toe in christmas

we have been boxing up all of our stuff for the past few days and this morning we picked up a uhal truck and packed it full of our belongings and after a good hour and most of our things loaded into the truck, we got a phone call from our new landlords in california saying that they are re-doing the wood floors on monday and we won't be able to move in until tuesday at the earliest. so... all of our things are packed up and who know when we will leave or how long i will be wearing the same clothes that i am currently wearing. speaking of clothes, one thing that i have always noticed, but this year was in full effect was people out and about during the holidays "dressed head to toe in christmas." by this i mean only wearing new things that you got for christmas. new shoes with new pants and shirt with a new coat. sometimes a hat. sometimes a earmuff. young and old alike. why only wear one new item when you can be fully dressed in the most hip new apparel? not that i don't already do that, but next year i'm going to join the herds and only wear all new things for at least a week after christmas. like i stated earlier, i don't mind wearing the same clothes for days on end if needs be. and sometimes needs do be.