March 27, 2008

sweeded part två

last night tara and i went downtown to the wiltern to see jose gonzalez. on a previous post i noted how we wouldn't mind being sweeded (referring to the movie be kind rewind) and i think after the show i am actively going to seek to be sweeded. (becoming awesome / of swedish nationality) he played solo for the first half, and by the sound of it you would have thought there were four guitar players playing. he was great. then he brought out yukimi nagano of little dragon and some dude to play the bongos and it was equirockin. (like equidistant, but in terms of rocking) it was great. i managed to record a little ditty on my point and shoot lacking in quality, but still pleasant.
p.s. två may or may not mean two in swedish.

March 24, 2008

she works hard for the money, finally!

i have a job! who would have thought that the day would come that i would be excited to say that? it has been a wild week. my friend, nancy cavallero is a costume designer and has worked on several movies and tv shows. (she is the gal i get all my hollywood dirt from!) well, she has been working as a stylist for valerie bertinelli.(new jenny craig spokesperson and was married to eddie vanhalen) anyway, she hired me as an assistant stylist! it has been madness, it all happened so fast. jenny craig is shooting a big commercial in hawaii this weekend, so all last week we were running around l.a. like crazies. i had to drive the wild freeways from torrance to rodondo beach to santa monica to malibu to hermosa to hollywood to studio city! and i got lost and lost and lost! bless brigham young's heart for creating the grid system in utah. these fluffy named streets are most confusing. but other than the panic attacks and several phone calls to my dad and colton to map quest my destinations it was really fun. i get paid to shop! we had a few fittings at valerie's house, which was cool. she lives right up on the hill with the best of them. she was very nice and i like her a lot. it was a fun fitting because we got to get surfer gear, wet suits and swimsuits. valerie has lost 40 lbs on jenny craig. so she looks great and feels great. it was fun to see her so excited to wear swimsuits. i have learned a ton. there are so many things to think about. lining her shorts, covering logos, making sure her colors compliment whoever she is next too and a lot of paperwork. one adventure i had was on a deadline run to target for fabric paint, i practically ran into this girl, i looked up and swore it was britney spears. she was dressed in the classic garb of a juicy couture tube dress with cowboy boots and a straw hat. but, no one was really noticing her so i figured it was a wannabe. but, then the store began to freak out. little boy's taking pictures of her with their cell phones and employees calling their friends. it was a stitch! only on the job in la.

March 14, 2008

here comes the sun!

my sweet family came down this last week. (yes i have lived here 3 months and they have come 4 times and i have gone home once, big deal!) we had so much fun! i was leaving utah a few weeks ago and saying goodbye with tears in my eyes when calli said i have spring break in 8 days! and so next thing i knew my beautiful family was here! it was great because it was such a toasty weekend. my dad came a couple weeks ago just to get out of the "damn cold" but, he just came down to have record breaking rains. so i was thrilled to have the sun out this time. chase was able to get a buddy pass and fly down from seatle, such a treat! we hadn't seen him in a while and we had so much fun. he looked so cute and seemed to be doing really well. we were only missing hannah (she is the most studious out of us all and won't miss school under any conditions.) we did what we always do, EAT and go to many, many, movies! we were also able to go to the beach and have a fun dinner right down in the sand in malibu. it was really good to be with the girls and have the boys back together!

March 7, 2008

we think we wouldn't mind being sweeded

sweden seems like a nice place, right? we already drive a saab and we have come across some really sweet bands from there, so we are thinking that we wouldn't mind being sweeded. for those of you who like music and want to grove, we'll give out some of our little sweed secrets. jose' gonzalez - sweed (parents from argentina {wonderful combo}) he has played with zero 7 (not sweeds (u.k.) buy also unreal). the knife - i think that i've had spiritual experiences listening to heartbeats by the knife (heartbeats originally by jose' gonzalez). most recently while listening to npr i heard an amazing song that sounded a little electronic / erykah baduish. well i found out that it is an up-and-coming band from sweden that goes by the name of little dragon. since the discovery we've been groovin to them constantly. oh yeah they are coming to l.a. on their one stop in america while on tour in europe, so that will be nice. here is a nice little diddy to enjoy. buy their stuff on itunes and support this group.

March 5, 2008

it is not good for man to be alone

about two weeks ago tara & moby went back to utah with heidi and lance after their visit, leaving me alone for a few days. yes it did give me guilt-free homework time, however i found myself doing things that normally wouldn't have happened with tara around. mixing all the juices to make enough for one last glass was the one that stuck out the most. i also happened to put off a cold long enough to make it a sinus infection which later complicated my weekend trip to utah. that was the first time that tara and i have been away from eachother in more than two.5 years, so that was a little weird. thankfully for some buddy passes and the convenience of the burbank airport, i was able to make it back to utah to attend the wedding of our good friend cameron pack to his lovely new wife heather. it was nice to see everyone and it was a nice wedding. they got married on leap year. not everyone gets to do that.
so after reuniting with tara and moby, the next thing on my agenda was to fill that little gap in my heart that has been missing since moving to california, going to the d.i. i really have had thrift store withdrawals from not being able to go to the d.i. now i know that california has thrift stores and flee markets and whatnot, but there is just something special and quality about the deseret industries. i didn't find anything in particular, other than a kitchy gold frame for a project i'm working on, but it was nice to be back at a d.i. (i went to two) so the week was a success. sorry to all of you we weren't able to see. a few days is not enough to do and see all those back at home.
p.s. if anyone knows any good thrift stores / flee markets around l.a. let me know.

March 3, 2008

the homemade headboard

what a gift to have a domestic husband! i have always felt bad that i don't enjoy cooking, scrapbooking, or making wooden signs. the thought of sowing on a button gives me anxiety. in fact before i moved to california i made my mom give me a lesson, we practiced on rags. (what would i do without her!) the truth is this blog would not even be in effect if it weren't for colt, it is just too much for the uncreative tara to handle. so when i had my credit card out ready to buy a new bed (spending money, something I am good at) colton told me he would just make me a headboard. well, this isn't the first time colton has told me to not buy something that he could just make. the phrase "i could make that" is heard quite often in anthropologie when i pull out a lovely little skirt or sweater. i have yet to have colton hand make me a beautiful embroidered blouse, but he did do the headboard and it looks pretty swanky.
p.s. i wanted some black and white pillow cases made, i sent the fabric home last week for the other domestic person in my life to sow-calli