June 15, 2008

meet ernie

well, my dream of owning two dogs became a reality a week ago. i love dogs!!! the search has been a difficult one. about six months ago i learned the horror of puppy mills. i found the most powerful website. (if you are brave, and thinking about buying a puppy from a pet store please check out prisonersofgreed.com) one night colton heard whimpering coming from the back bedroom, he came in to find me sobbing in front of the computer monitor. i was bound and determined from that point on that we had to rescue a dog. the only problem is i have horrible allergies and require some special breeds. (colton said it is a blessing i am so allergic to the average dog or else i would have brought home every dog that was going to be euthanzed in l.a. county) so after some very sad trips to animal rescue fairs, it turns out this little guy was right under my nose! a guy from my work had rescued ernie. he and his wife just had a baby and it was too hard with this little hyper allergenic pup. so now he is mine! moby has a new, adorable, best friend!

p.s. you can't tell in this picture, but he has the most beautiful green eyes! he is a heart breaker.