September 22, 2008

breakdowns, beck, beach boys, and the baby

what an eventful weekend! our friends the johnson's came up........they are wonderful. we are so grateful that chase went to spain and met tim, because then we met tim and nicole! and now we are all in california together. we had so much fun! we ate, shopped, and hung out in melrose for hours! not by choice. the saab once again started acting funny. next thing we know colton is running his little heart out looking for a service station. then he returned with a little treasure named art acosta, a mechanic who saved the day! the johnson's were such troopers, we sat on that corner waiting for kim kardashian all night!

the next morning we went into old town pasadena for breakfast and a stroll. it turns out yoko ono has an installation with a handful of trees where people can leave wishes on. we spent a while looking at wishes and even made a few ourselves. rumor has it that all the wishes will be put in a time capsule and stored somewhere in iceland. weird.

then the next day my man and i enjoyed his birthday gift. i got colt tickets to the beck show at the hollywood bowl. the venue was gorgeous! an outside ampatheater where you can bring in picnics and enjoy the outdoors. beck was mindblowing! we also got to groove to mgmt and spoon. we were afraid we weren't going to see any of it because once we got through the first gate our tickets seriously disappeared!!! after a frantic search they reissued us tickets and the others are still a mystery?! but we rocked out pretty hard. beck did it all. he worked it out with the l.a. philharmonic and then a simple beat mixer.

the next morning was so wonderful. my amazing friends dan and nicole blessed their beautiful baby presley. that baby is so sweet and so beautiful. it was our first meeting and i fell in love. nicole is the most natural mom. she looks like she has been doing it for years. and on top of that she made the most delectible brunch! i ate myself sick. the pesto chiken salad and homemade cupcakes were too good to resist.
after the lovely morning we headed over to visit tim and nicole at their new condo, then headed over to three arch beach. who also happended to be at three arch breach that day... the beach boys playing a private concert? unreal. as they sang "i wish they all could be california girls" i couldn't agree more. both nicoles and there sweet friends couldn't be more wonderful.

September 18, 2008

in da club

the other night we went and saw chase d.j. at some club in l.a. it was a little late for us old folks, but we had a good time and it was fun to see him and listen to his music.

our big adventure

last week in one of my classes, we had an assignment to create a u.s. stamp. the project was kind of a warm up to start off the term in sort of a light hearted way, playing off of the traditional nature of the postal system. i had the idea of doing a series of pee wee herman stamps. i have always been a huge fan of mr. reubens, and although he was blacklisted for his inappropriate actions of the past, i feel like the universe has missed out on some potential greatness by shunning him from popular media (not to mention all the other perverts and infadels who still are widely accepted?) so after pretty much completing my stamp, chase got a call from a friend from ygg, who invited us to the hollywood forever cemetery where a screening of pee wee's big adventure would be shown. (¿coincidence?) i wasn't going to let anything get in my way. tara wasn't totally sold on the idea, but thought it would be interesting and concented for my sake. we got to the cemetery, which happens to be the final resting place of Cecil B. DeMille, Jayne Mansfield, Rudolph Valentino, Victor Fleming and Douglas Fairbanks to name a few and it was packed with people and thier blankets and picnic dinners. a d.j. played some music and then as the m.c. introduced the movie, non other than paul reubens stepped on stage and spoke for about ten minutes. his co-stars dotie and samone came on stage and what a joy it was. the movie was great and we all left glad we spent the evening at the cemetery.

September 13, 2008

birthday boy

.......and what a cute birthday boy he is! yesterday colt turned 25! we had a really fun day. the night before we celebrated with our dearest friends, mary & jake. they bought colton the most delicious dinner at houstons in pasadena. the next day we headed down to santa monica and enjoyed the sea breeze along with the many different variety acts on the promenade. it takes all kinds to make the world go around, that is for sure. colton has a favorite design bookstore down there called hennessey + ingalls. they have an amazing selection! then we went to this awesome theater called the arclight and enjoyed a little dinner and a movie. i love my boy so much! he couldn't be cuter, sweeter, or more talented. here is a little of his work.......finally!

this poster colton did for the natural history museum

this one colt did for the catalina film festival

September 9, 2008

summer break

we finished work and school for the summer and decided it was time to go back to utar and spend some time with family and friends. it was a nice trip. we also happened to make it to the oregon coast with the francis family. we took the pups and there were four others (six dogs total) and we had a good time. the dogs loved the beach, we loved the cheese factory and now we are back in california and back to the grind.