January 29, 2009

new orleans

i never thought i would get to spend new years eve on bourbon street, but grandma joyce makes dreams come true. she took the whole family down to louisiana to cheer on our undefeated utes to a bowl game victory. (don't worry dad, i still love the aggs even though they don't win.) we had so much fun with the family in new orleans. the city has a lot of charm. we cruised the mississippi, went to a few prospect 1 art galleries, saw some great architecture and weird people. we didn't however seen brangelina, unfortunately. i would recommend visiting there to anyone, and if you can't make it there is always new orleans square at disneyland. the beignets are almost as good. thanks again grandma!
grammie celebrating a utah victory with some hard earned beads.

January 22, 2009

hey kara, thanks for ruining my favorite t.v. show.

i cannot stand this women. american idol has made a big mistake.

January 20, 2009

January 19, 2009

a very merry month at home!

long time no blog! i loose touch with pretty much everything when we go home. i have got my family and the movies, what more could a girl need? we were able to go home for like a month!!! it was the best. here are some pic's to prove it.
back with the pups after 3 weeks!!!
i missed them so much, i cried everyday.we had a fabulous sweater party hosted by the lovely mcrenolds family. we got to see all of our good friends and colt got to wear a pony tail.
a very delicious christmas eve dinner
colt and his dad
the boys dealing with the snow.....in matching canvas jumpsuits.

bowling with friendship

the red iguana.......so good.
to be continued.......

January 18, 2009

new year, new huge turban

like unto the size of this sweet turban, there are some extra large posts coming up. p.s. he keeps his daggers in there.