November 2, 2009

dia de los muertos

so the hollywood forever cemetery they celebrate this fantastic holiday with a bang! we went with my dear friend corey (and heather in spirit, wish you were there) the alters that people created for their loved ones were spectacular! i am nuts about all the colors!
frida was totally there.
the food was to DIE for!


ygg threw a mean halloween party this weekend. there was dancing, food, a spook alley, and of course costumes, which is actually a daily occurrence. i love everyone at ygg, they are all amazing, so fun!

carol (estee) hot cave woman (lisa) frida (again, but i hadn't plucked in a while so it worked) marty (jordo)
i was first runner up to the costume contest. i didn't get everybody's vote, but at least these guys liked my outfit.
please take notice of the small child behind chase, he gave her quite the halloween fright!