December 16, 2008

return line

as we found ourselves in the return line at walmart late last night surrounded by an allstar line up of shoppers around us, we anxiously looked to the registers to gauge our time, when we got sucked in to the most awkward situation ever. i don't know what went wrong for this rock and roller, but gel-part made some sort of error and rocker was not happy about waiting for a manager to come correct the problem. their angry and blank stares crossed, ricocheted of the three-quarter carpeted walls and right into our faces.

December 2, 2008

a very happy thanksgiving!

we had so much to be thankful for this year! we had our very first feast in l.a. and our families came up! my mom showed me some of her magic cooking and was such a sport in my tiny 1930's kitchen.
colt and his cute corry ladies
cinthie worked it out on guitar hero!

some of mamma's delights!

we tried to learn some of her ways in the kitchen.

my old man doing a fine job with the carving

i did catch eye of a turkey giblet or goiter or bone. i don't know what it was, but it was foul! (and i don't mean in the bird sense.) i don't eat meat anyway and when i saw that, it was done.

other than that, everything was so appetizing! we had so much fun eating on our assortment of chairs in our little living room. we were so grateful that our friends mary and jake spent the holiday with us!

in fact, we ate so much we were sick! the girls decided to do an exercise video after. we were too full to move gracefully, or really at all. but, we laughed so hard we had to have burned some calories!