February 26, 2009

favorite things...almost as good as oprah's!

last weekend i had the privilege of hanging out with the always wonderful oc girls. my friend niccole had a favorite things party. those of you not "in the know" get ready to "know." you bring five of the same favorite thing of yours for under six dollars. everyone does the same so.....you leave with five new, great, cheap products! (after you draw names..yada yada.....i won't bore you with the technicalities) but so fun! and even funner is seeing my favorite friends.

nic girl, you know it is london forever thanks to the good gospel!

ps jaymie, thank you for the delicious, creative treats....i wish i had some of that talent of yours.
pss thanks for the party niccole, you were the perfect hostess!

February 16, 2009

the dog whisperer

i guess i'm not the "pack leader." according to cesar, if your dogs go out the door before you, jump on you when you get home, and wake you up in the night to go to the bathroom, they are the leaders. soon i will be the alpha dog.

ps if you haven't seen cesar millan in action, tune into the dog whisperer on national geographic and prepare to be amazed.