May 28, 2009

a "PACKed" weekend

this memorial weekend was packed with fun and our friends from utah, the packs. love a good pun. they came down for a visit and we did so many fun things! we went to the beach, the getty (which was beautiful!), and a rockin' memorial day concert with one of our very favorites, little dragon.a tram takes you to the top of a mountain to reach the getty. the building was a little like i would imagine the c.k. will be. floating, white, crazy flowers, orderly. loved it.

here we are with our friend louisa and her adorable puppy. we met her on the street before we grooved to little dragon. we had quite a chat. heather's face says it all. the pack's had to humor me. i just couldn't stop holding that pup. i offered louisa $50 for her. she had to turn me down even though she needed the money. she is her best friend after all.

May 21, 2009

kara, i owe you an apology

you killed it last night

May 14, 2009

utah to new york

long time no blog! we have been all over the place. we headed home for a little bit and got to see everyone, thank goodness! then, from there we went to new york with colt's mom and sis. we had such a good time. new york is the funnest city around. colt's family are huge yankee fans (to put it lightly) and they wanted to check out the new stadium and see some games. we ate delicious treats and enjoyed being out in the city. colt and i stayed a few extra days and were able to hang with some art center people and spend time at the many wonderful museums. we also had so much fun at home and got to bring calli back to "cali" with us. sweet pun, i know. she is doing an internship at kelly wearstler design this summer and now we have a little piece of home for a few weeks.