April 28, 2008


i love ellen! (just as a friend) colt and i are taking advantage of his short summer break and doing as much as we can. i got us ellen tickets, we did the limbo with her! it was so fun. colt said they made eye contact and had a moment. i am way excited because we get to go back in a few weeks with my mom and calli for my mom's bday, can't wait!

April 24, 2008

biking through san marino

so a few weeks ago i read on a blog that this gal and her husband ride their bikes to boarders and get hot cocoa and look at magazines for a little date activity. i think since we have a boarders a few blocks away, and since scratch is a little scarce these days, we are going to try that out. yesterday, in light of the fact that gas is over $4.00/gallon now(i want to revolt), we decided to get out and use our bikes. we went over to the amazing city of san marino and rode our bikes around looking at all the houses and we rode around the huntington library. it was such a nice day and the houses are pretty nice too. here are a few of our favorites.
the last one is real nice.

lagoona beachers

tim and nicole were kind enough to show us around lagoona and let us stay with them. it was fun to get to know them better and we heart lagoona beach. we went to church a block from the beach, we had a good dinner at cheesecake factory with them and their friends jo, brit and baby owen. good times, good times.
thanks tim and nic

April 18, 2008

one down seven to go

well after fourteen good weeks my first term at art center has come to an end. tara and i just got back from the senior show at my school and it was super wild and super inspiring. most of the work was of face melting / gut busting quality. there was so much talent in that building tonight. it is very humbling and inspiring. in my last class today, my professor said before we left: "everything you design will one day, sooner or later end up in a landfill. you are all talented designers but you are dispensable as designers, however you are not dispensable as sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brother and sisters.... so keep your priorities straight and a good perspective." i liked that.

April 17, 2008

shout out for che!

i wanted to do a shout out ryan seacrest style (he does shout outs on the radio every morning), but my cute little brother isn't in l.a. (i wish) he is in seattle and all alone after a case of appendicitis! i called him the other day to complain about my foot cramping. i felt like a whiner after he said "oh, i am sorry. yeah i have been having severe cramping my my lower abdomen." after looking on web m.d. i told him to run to the hospital. he must have been in a lot of pain because he listened! we didn't hear from for hours. me and my mom were a little worried. (a lot worried, you know the bingham girls!) so, at two in the morning my dad calls ryan weed (chases roomie) he just laughed and said, "lance your boy is in surgury, he didn't call you?" no, he did not call us. but, he is doing good and running around parking cars already. chas, we love you........kul.

sweeded part tre

our love for everything sweedish continues to thrive! a few weeks ago we went into los angeles and saw little dragon (a sweedish band) at the roxy. unbelievable! it was one of the best shows i have ever seen. colt was so stoked on it he wrote them a thank you note on their myspace. these aren't the best photos, but the cute lead singer, yukimi couldn't stop grooving. she also sang with jose gonzales the other night, awesome...... WE WANT TO BE SWEEDED!

off to the races!

i felt just like julia roberts in pretty women as we stepped out to the santa anita race track! when, i was little my mom taped pretty women off of the t.v., she would let me watch the race track part and the shopping on rodeo drive. i loved it! (i promise that those were the only parts i saw.) so, this last week colt's dad, joanie, and grammy came out. we had a lot of fun. we went to the beautiful hunnington gardens, disneyland, and the races! the santa anita track is so beautiful. i felt like i was stepping back into the 1920's. the landscaping was immaculate, ladies in dresses and big hats, and the horses were breathtaking! we went down to pick out our choice to win. i fell in love with annie oakleaf. a beautiful, cherry black , underdog. we made eye contact and had a real moment, i knew she was going to win. she came in fourth. i guess i am not the horse whisperer, but i would still put my money on old annie!

here are the experts deciding on their bets

here we are at disneyland on the buzz light year ride. colt, had quite the high score. he was honored with galactic gladiator

while the folks were here, i had some much needed lessons in cooking! grammy is quite the gourmet along with joanie. i should say "don and joanie," they made a wonderful italian pasta called timbolo. we are still eating the left overs and loving it! grammy knows i have a fondness for the lemon and brought me a great magazine full of lemon delights! i made this cheesecake for you joyce, the love of the lemon part 2!

April 2, 2008

dog parks & dream houses

look at those houses! pasadena is so charming, we really love it here. not only is the architecture beautiful, but this place is dog friendly! we love heading to the dog parks on saturday mornings. dog people are the best. they are automatically your friend if you have a dog in toe. the other day we headed over to the park and moby was greeted by six beagles! it was so funny. they were the only breed around. so cute! moby was definitely the minority.

p.s. those pictures of those homes are when i got lost. you don't even have to look for neighborhoods like that, they are everywhere...... i almost stole this little guy!

April 1, 2008

painting easter eggs and swatches

easter away from home......not easy. thank goodness for the carters! they are our family here in the great state of california. i don't know how i would have been able to make the move without knowing they were down the 605. so we had a great weekend together, in fact it couldn't have been better! the sun shone and we enjoyed the 80 degree weather. we went into pasadena and spent a little money at the largest forever 21 in the world. (just imagine the chaos) we had our favorite frozen treat...."frogo," we call it. i am pretty sure we made it up though. it's hard with the language barrier's around these parts to really know what anything is called. we had a nummy BBQ on the veranda. the food was delicious! ladies, i am telling you the way to get a man to cook is a $19.99 grill from walmart. and what is easter without a little friendly easter egg dying competition?

the painting continues with colton.......it probably always will. for one of his classes he has to paint all of these swatches in different hues. how hard could that be? apparently hard. i tried to help but wasn't even capable of that. it has taken him hours. mixing just the right amount of blue, red, orange.....today he dressed according to the next shade on the swatch train.