April 1, 2008

painting easter eggs and swatches

easter away from home......not easy. thank goodness for the carters! they are our family here in the great state of california. i don't know how i would have been able to make the move without knowing they were down the 605. so we had a great weekend together, in fact it couldn't have been better! the sun shone and we enjoyed the 80 degree weather. we went into pasadena and spent a little money at the largest forever 21 in the world. (just imagine the chaos) we had our favorite frozen treat...."frogo," we call it. i am pretty sure we made it up though. it's hard with the language barrier's around these parts to really know what anything is called. we had a nummy BBQ on the veranda. the food was delicious! ladies, i am telling you the way to get a man to cook is a $19.99 grill from walmart. and what is easter without a little friendly easter egg dying competition?

the painting continues with colton.......it probably always will. for one of his classes he has to paint all of these swatches in different hues. how hard could that be? apparently hard. i tried to help but wasn't even capable of that. it has taken him hours. mixing just the right amount of blue, red, orange.....today he dressed according to the next shade on the swatch train.


nicole said...

I love this shot of colton with his manly scruff. He is so artsy - and it really is so hard to get those swatches down - and kinda fun. I am glad you guys have the Carters too, and remember soon you have the Davis'! May 1st!! xoxo

corrine said...

how cute!! Tara I want to see you so bad! I feel bad that we haven't set something up for sure yet. so lets DO IT! When are you guys free? what is your email, that might be easier. you can email me at corrinetaggart at gmail dot com.

Chelsea said...

Oh Tara! I KNOW how hard it is to be away for the holidays. Just keep enjoying that weather and all the shopping that cannot be found in Utah. Im sorry, I know its hard but its WAY worth it in the end.

Oh- cute eggs, and Colt- I love the swatches.