December 11, 2011

December 1, 2011

tech nol o gyeeee

whoa....whoa.... steve jobs was a visionary! obvi.
so.....i took the above picture in herald square at macy's. moments later i realized my phone was gone. i didn't panic because this happens about nine times a day. but, after searching the usually spots...pockets, stroller, hand, i started to panic! I retraced my steps (several times) from macy's to h&m.....nothing! then i met colton at the subway station and he got me really freaked out talking about email and all of our pictures we hadn't uploaded of lady lola. OUI VEY!
we went home and colton tapped into the magic of the apple "find my phone" technology. (thanks to casey's advise) we tracked the phone back to herald square in an irish pub. colt headed back to the city but couldn't find the phone or the culprit. he came back we locked the phone and set off the alarm ('s like the minority report) the next morning we tracked the phone and it was all the way in the middle of jersey! we could even see the house it was in! we called the cops and they went to the house, asked the guy for it, and he handed it over! from there we had to rent a car and take a long drive to jersey. but, the town was absolutely charming and apparently fellow bingham's reside there! this handsome man sure is patient with me!