May 24, 2008

ellen! i heart that girl

"ellen, were gonna have some fun today, let's give a little love away!" boy, is her theme song right!!! i have never had so much fun, or felt so much love! ellen is the very best! with all of my exclamations you can tell that i am excited, but you could also see that from the video. ellen is so pretty in real life and smells so nice! it was seriously one of the funnest things i have ever done. calli, my mom, colton and i grooved and laughed, calli even cried tears of joy!

a whoah whoah.....

oh what a catching song american idol has! so colton and i got tickets to go and watch one of my favorite shows of all time..........i love american idol, always have always will. we got to go to the final performances of both the davids. i will say, david archeluta sounded even more amazing live. i had chills running up and down and i had to fight back tears. we had a lot of fun. we got to see all the judges and old ryan seacrest up close and personal (i love him.) we did however have to wait in line for like seven hours! i have the most adorable, patient, and sweet husband around. thanks for humoring me babe..... xoxo
there were all kinds waiting in that line. a big group behind us had met on a david cook forum on line. david cook brought big, little, old, and young all together. the only problem is that they were very anxious to get in and kept crowding sweet colton!
this cool cat made the wait bearable! this kid is probably the funniest kid i have ever seen. he made a poster that said ryan + simon forever. his clothes and hair were out of this world!

May 18, 2008

a big surprise!

wow, what a week we have had! if you all want to see a small dose of the madness we have experienced please tune into ellen on friday. you will have to wait and is a clue.

a mother's day visit

my sweet, sweet, family came down to see me again. i am so grateful to have been able to see them as much as i have. it is hard to be away from them, especially because we have so much fun when we are together! we had the best week. we missed hannah though, she had to stay back with paki and tonks because of school. (she is the most responsible of all of us) calli had been on a cruise and ended her trip in l.a. and we picked her up at the harbor. my mom and dad drove down and arrived just in time for us to watch lost. the next day the gals went and got pedi's and shopped. while my dad got a bike ride in. the next day we went to the grove in l.a. it is a big outdoor mall and farmers market. we went there to distract my mom and told her that colt and my dad were going to a bike store. the truth was they were going to the airport to pick up chase. my mom wanted him to come so bad, but he told her he couldn't miss work. little did she know we had a big mother's day/birthday surprise for the best mom in the world! it was good we went to the grove because it was quite the distraction. nordstrom was having a huge event because steve madden was there. they gave us american apparel t-shirts and we got to meet him. there was a dj and apparently a famous vj from BET (i am not a frequent watcher, so i didn't know who she was) but, even with the mass of chaos heidi picked her son out from a mile away and went running to him, it was great! she was shocked.we had such a great time. we couldn't truly celebrate heidi without a stop at the magic kingdom. we have absolutely gotten our money out of the season passes. and our love for disney grows more every time. we also went to olvero street for some mexican food. the whole time we just ate and saw movies. the binghams favorite passtimes.

yo gabba gabba!

so my stylist job has slowed down a lot during the summer. i picked up another part time gig at the very zany, colorful, and fun t.v. show- YO GABBA GABBA! all of you with 2-5 year olds please tune in! it is on nick jr. and it is very entertaining. my friend's brothers created it and she is the big pink flower bubble named fufa. i am a production assistant there and it has been so fun. i get to watch all of the filming and eat great lunches from craft services. it has been amazing to see all that goes into these productions. it is a super laid back environment. people on bikes and skateboards singing songs about eating your veggies and sharing your toys. love it!

May 16, 2008

it always looked more impresive in text books

a couple weeks ago we got board and decided we wanted an adventure. tara's cousin carly and her husband oliver hiked machu picchu not too long ago, so we figures we would too. our peruvian guide took the pictures and if you ask me he did a terrible job. it make us look like we are just on some street in studio city and not really on the decent to the ancient city of machu picchu. see for your selves.

alright, we didn't really go to peru, but we did have an eventful week. stay tuned to find out all the crazy happenings in our lives. (spoiler alert) tara has a new bff who stars in their own daytime television show and who gave us monies.

May 11, 2008

there is nothing like a spilt coke in your bag to ruin the fun

this last week my school hosted a conference and i was able to make it to the last day. SERIOUS PLAY was the subject and name of the conference. there were some interesting speakers and the provided food and snacks were good. towards the end of the day i reached in my bag to get my sketch book and found that the can of coke i put in there earlier had a small hole and coke was misting out all over everything. so all my stuff was ruined and my leather bag had almost a whole coke in the bottom of it. that coupled with some dude rambling on about giant puppets kind of put me in a bad mood. i think i'm not really the conference type, but it was pretty enjoyable.

May 8, 2008

the beeb

there are a few reasons why i enjoy the bbc news:
1. an outside view on what we (americans) are
doing in america and around the world.
2. news focusing on actual issues rather than
just talk about the latest episode with young
jacked up starlets.
3. last but certainly not least, the wonderful
language barrier.

this is what i saw in
my google reader
earlier this morning

May 7, 2008

case dismissed

on the way to my first day of class a few months ago, i was pulled over for "failing to make a complete stop at a red light". what really happened is that i turned right on a yellow light and some wang cop pulled me over and made me late for my first class. fast forward a few months... i had a court date this morning at 9:00 am so i showed up and waited in all the lines and sat and waited, just waiting for the cop to show up and get the party started. after being forced into friendship with some lady who kept asking me questions about everything, i was called to the front and the clerk said my case was dismissed. i signed the papers and ran out of the courtroom happy as could be. so the system works i guess. i was just planning on showing up and exercising my right as a u.s. citizen and seeing what happens, and i don't know if the copper didn't show up, or what, but i will be getting a $160 back in the mail.

May 3, 2008

our rose parade

every first thursday the huntington library & gardens is free entry, so last thursday tara and i rode our bikes there and had a nice time. the library holds an unbelievable amount of rare and first edition books. apparently henry huntington was collecting with the goal of having a library comparable to that of the british museum. the highlight for me, was for sure the books. i have for about the last four years taken interest in building up a little library, maybe a modern day gentleman's library, but in the last few years i have taken more liking to the process and actual design of the books, so it was sweet to see the gutenberg bible and all the books from the 15 century and upward. there was some really amazing stuff there. tara on the other had couldn't get enough rose sniffing. i will admit there were various smells, but tara was acting a little strange. those things are like drugs. i really couldn't get her to leave.

May 2, 2008

degenerates mania & violation the dmv

wednesday tara and i figured that it was about time that we went and got our california drivers licenses. we had tried once before, much to my chagrin, but we didn't have the proper documentation, so wednesday we returned with all the cards, licenses and certificates. we had to wait in a line to get a number, then wait to get our number called, only to then have some dude who... i really cannot be nice and explain the incompetence of this man. but that is how most of the workers there are. i don't get it. i guess you would have to have something wrong with you to be okay with working at a place like that. then we had to take the written test. the lady who handed out and corrected the tests made the last guy look like miles davis. suffice it to say, she was absolutely confused about the whole entering and exiting of the testing room. she would boss people around making up rules and then after telling tara that she passed told me that i failed. so i had to take a second test, which thankfully i passed. all and all we spent a good four hours in that ell ole. what a fiasco. we love l.a. but you have got to love the convenience of strolling up to the davis county d.m.v and leaving fifteen minutes later with time to take a dip at lagoona beach.