May 11, 2008

there is nothing like a spilt coke in your bag to ruin the fun

this last week my school hosted a conference and i was able to make it to the last day. SERIOUS PLAY was the subject and name of the conference. there were some interesting speakers and the provided food and snacks were good. towards the end of the day i reached in my bag to get my sketch book and found that the can of coke i put in there earlier had a small hole and coke was misting out all over everything. so all my stuff was ruined and my leather bag had almost a whole coke in the bottom of it. that coupled with some dude rambling on about giant puppets kind of put me in a bad mood. i think i'm not really the conference type, but it was pretty enjoyable.


Emily said...

hey you guys! im so glad u told me u have one tara!! its fun to see what u guys like to do.

nicole said...

that is the worst! don't worry that my freshman year at uvsc i was in photography and i always had my camera with me - one night we went to the dollar and I had a bottled water in my purse (along with my camera) and some lady walking by stepped on my bag. she apologized and I said "no worries" only to find out after the credits were rolling that she broke the bottle and my camera was ruined!! i am so sorry that happened - nothing worse!