March 31, 2009

the art of the dumpling

whenever we tell people we live in arcadia one of the first questions we are asked is, "have you eaten at din tia fung?" it is a famous dumpling house and now we can finally say, "yes we have!" thankfully, our friends the felix's taught us the process in eating these little delectables. yeah, there are rules to eating those delicious things.

March 16, 2009

March 13, 2009

movies, dinners, street preforming can only mean one thing

the fam came to town! we had such a great week. we even got to see don and joanie at the same time. we laughed our heads off, ate ourselves to death, and spent money we don't have. we went to the jimmy kimmel show and saw heidi klum and the rock. they were both even more beautiful in person. we were able to get a pretty good view from the front row! (that is what you get for having a beautiful sister, the p.a. was crushing on her-thanks cown.)

we had so much fun. i am ready for them to come back.