December 14, 2009

just a small piece

colton works sooooo hard! i really am so very proud of him. his hard work pays off though. here he is in front of one of his posters that made it into the art center gallery during the grad show. i love it.

December 6, 2009

we are fools.....apparently

we had no idea that traveling home from utah to california on a sunday, let alone a holiday weekend, is just plain stupid. but, obviously a lot of other people didn't know that either.
after a grueling 2 hours from vegas to prim and a twenty minute gas line, the flashing lights of the whiskey pete pet friendly hotel at $19.99 a night seemed like heaven.

once again we were fools. we are sure that there aren't fleas in heaven, at least ones that don't bite. poor pup.

November 2, 2009

dia de los muertos

so the hollywood forever cemetery they celebrate this fantastic holiday with a bang! we went with my dear friend corey (and heather in spirit, wish you were there) the alters that people created for their loved ones were spectacular! i am nuts about all the colors!
frida was totally there.
the food was to DIE for!


ygg threw a mean halloween party this weekend. there was dancing, food, a spook alley, and of course costumes, which is actually a daily occurrence. i love everyone at ygg, they are all amazing, so fun!

carol (estee) hot cave woman (lisa) frida (again, but i hadn't plucked in a while so it worked) marty (jordo)
i was first runner up to the costume contest. i didn't get everybody's vote, but at least these guys liked my outfit.
please take notice of the small child behind chase, he gave her quite the halloween fright!

October 12, 2009

fallin for pumpkins, dj's, & the folks

wild times around here. we have been working like dogs! (not our dogs unfortunately, working dogs like st. bernards) but, i did get to take these gorgeous people to work.
get our groove on to dj monksphere
and pick our very own pumpkins from riley's farm. it finally felt like fall in southern california.

August 29, 2009

m.i.a. & milan

dreams came true this week. we grooved to chase's pack leader, m.i.a. she is amazing!

moby & ernie submitted to theirs, cesar milan aka the "dog whisperer." cesar is amazing! friends were everywhere, we even found one of our two legged buds, dan davis. he was there for "work," truth be known he is a closet dog lover.
it was suuuuper hot, but the pools and water bowls saved the day. we were so excited to find that ernesto, the dad terrified of dogs had put the event together. (fellow d.w. fans, you know the episode....the one where cesar gives louis away! p.s. louis was there & ernesto is in the pic with the pack leader.) it was a miracle to see him with all of the dogs. we got to talk to him, he was taken with ernie. as were the movie scouts who asked him to stop by for an audition! haha two words: calm & assertive

August 11, 2009

calli left me....i don't want summer to go too!

we have had such a crazy summer! just thought i would post some highlights. we had so much fun with this gorgeous girl living with us. i lost it in the dollar theater when i knew i was leaving utah without her.

miller time!

rumbler & the red iguana

chase's new spot.....hollywood (take notice to the sign in the back, WAY far back)

couple of set backs

nothing that a pink's hot dog, a rented cruzer & a pedi can't cure

August 5, 2009

mama in da club

yes, we went clubbing. chase, me, colton, my amazing aunt robin, and the grooviest mom ever. so fun! the classixx played......and we love them!!!

June 14, 2009

valentino and fried chicken

chase's face says it all- a great evening equals, roscoe's chicken and waffles and valentino the last emperor (the documentary.) the two together......unlikely, but amazing!

June 12, 2009


this is too good. i hope you have all seen this little man working it. if not, enjoy. it's the best thing i have ever seen! and don't worry there are more video's.

June 6, 2009

happy anniversary ernie!

well, it's been one year since we got this little nugget. ern is the best dog anyone could ask for! this is where this little love waits from the moment we leave the house till we get back. the chair is filthy but he is so worth it.

May 28, 2009

a "PACKed" weekend

this memorial weekend was packed with fun and our friends from utah, the packs. love a good pun. they came down for a visit and we did so many fun things! we went to the beach, the getty (which was beautiful!), and a rockin' memorial day concert with one of our very favorites, little dragon.a tram takes you to the top of a mountain to reach the getty. the building was a little like i would imagine the c.k. will be. floating, white, crazy flowers, orderly. loved it.

here we are with our friend louisa and her adorable puppy. we met her on the street before we grooved to little dragon. we had quite a chat. heather's face says it all. the pack's had to humor me. i just couldn't stop holding that pup. i offered louisa $50 for her. she had to turn me down even though she needed the money. she is her best friend after all.