December 11, 2011

December 1, 2011

tech nol o gyeeee

whoa....whoa.... steve jobs was a visionary! obvi.
so.....i took the above picture in herald square at macy's. moments later i realized my phone was gone. i didn't panic because this happens about nine times a day. but, after searching the usually spots...pockets, stroller, hand, i started to panic! I retraced my steps (several times) from macy's to h&m.....nothing! then i met colton at the subway station and he got me really freaked out talking about email and all of our pictures we hadn't uploaded of lady lola. OUI VEY!
we went home and colton tapped into the magic of the apple "find my phone" technology. (thanks to casey's advise) we tracked the phone back to herald square in an irish pub. colt headed back to the city but couldn't find the phone or the culprit. he came back we locked the phone and set off the alarm ('s like the minority report) the next morning we tracked the phone and it was all the way in the middle of jersey! we could even see the house it was in! we called the cops and they went to the house, asked the guy for it, and he handed it over! from there we had to rent a car and take a long drive to jersey. but, the town was absolutely charming and apparently fellow bingham's reside there! this handsome man sure is patient with me!

November 9, 2011

Fourteen Months Old

Big enough for Big chairs! This goes sooo fast.

October 31, 2011


from the loveliest.... little.... lola..... flower gnome.... around!

October 24, 2011

fall getaway

the east coast really is magic in the fall! this weekend (after colt had an 80 hr work week) we rented a car, and just drove north. the leaves were spectacular! we drove along the hudson river and stopped at sleepy hollow....ooooooh.....lo really was freaked out the whole time we were there, it was so much fun and so halloween! then we went to dia:beacon a really amazing art gallery. on the way home we went to the most amazing place....storm king! breathtaking art in an even more beautiful setting.

October 9, 2011

gallery strollin

we went on a little gallery stroll in soho, there were some amazing exhibits. one of them made me feel like i was back in southern utah......the little lady loved it!

September 19, 2011

Lola Jane Corry is.....ONE!!!

I'll just say it ......It goes so fast!!!! Man, we love this little lady. We threw her a little birthday bash, brooklyn style, in our little courtyard. We were so thrilled to have friends to share it with us, but we missed a lot of you!

August 21, 2011

spread love is the Brooklyn way

pocket knife not shown and temporary tattoos for toughness at truck stops. AMERICAN flag for respect. four days on the road. camped out in the garden of eden where we found an underground bunker i think. overflowing rivers flooded bridges caused for some 4x4ing. got flipped off twice in nauvoo. transylvannia is the worst state in the country right after missouri. the price of diesel is on par with the price of their jeans and we snuck in brooklyn on the gow-anus express toll road bridge road.

August 9, 2011

Eleven Months....whoa

Lo has spent the last month in Santa Clara without her Pop.....he has started a job in New York City and it has been quite the process to find an apartment! But, he finally found one and we will be on our way there in a couple of weeks. We have had to keep Lola pretty busy so she wouldn't miss her dad too much.

So, she has been taking it easy

finding holes.......even on her face, unfortunately

catching the dollar show

riding the carrousel

Cleaning house
scooting around

hanging with her best friend, who can't come to nyc........heartbreaking

and above all, staying cool.

July 9, 2011

ten months!!!

whoa, this little lady is growing like a weed. she has got a tooth and is crawling everywhere! both of these things happened a week before her nine month birthday, but i have been slow to post. life has been nuts! we left our beloved arcadia and are on our way to nyc!!! bitter sweet.