November 23, 2008


a couple weeks ago our sweet tonks passed away. we loved her so much. it has been devastating. we will miss her. we can't wait to see her in a little sweater, wagging her tail, sock in mouth behind the pearly gates.

November 16, 2008

dr. doogie howser

there has been a long standing joke about me and the doogster. i have been to regis and kelly twice. i love them. i got so excited both times to see a fun celeb. who can i count on not once, but TWICE.....neil patrick harris. one of the dullest and disappointing stars. well, last night colt and i went to a couple of art shows. who should be right behind me......DOOGIE. why? why? why not the beckhams?! (obviously not the beckhams because we were in culver city, we will never be where they would be) it got better. after colton and i had our budget friendly dinner at inn & out, we thought we would splurge on desert.....amazing pudding and totally worth it!

but sitting behind us was the child star of roseanne. i don't even know his name. you all know who i am talking about. the night of the 90's child stars. the galleries were really cool though. we went to shepherd ferry's studio (he did the obama hope poster.) i thought it was really cool. here are some of the show.

November 11, 2008

a light fantastic

and fantastic it is! colt has a materials class this term. for one of his projects he decided to make a light table. i have always wondered how any of these kinds of things are built. it was amazing to see colt create this beautiful table. he made the box, spun the wood on a lathe, stained and painted the legs, wired the electrical, sanded the acrylic, then tada........a light table. it is really cool looking and worth the house smelling like home depot for a week.

fashion island & balboa island......neither one is really an island

we spent the weekend with our dearest friends......... mary and jake carter. we are so grateful these two are in southern california with us. we had a lot of fun in newport. we did a little shopping at fashion island, ate some nummy food, and watched a beautiful sunset from the balboa beach colt titled this photo "technology." please blow up for full effect.

November 2, 2008

breaders cup

we were so excited to go to the breaders cup, but more excited to have don and joanie in town. they spoiled us rotten! colton had been planning to research the horses in anticipation for the big event, but luckily for us don and joanie are experts themselves. it was a beautiful day. santa anita was in her prime. we even got to sit at our own table with an umbrella. the horses were stunning. even more stunning were colton's winnings. he had decided the night before to put some money on 'desert code' whose jockey was dressed in a green shirt with a big toad on it. it was the long shot and we all thought he was crazy, but the joke was on us when the $2 bet on the 32 to 1 odds came in first place. we had so much fun, come back soon.