February 18, 2008

my man, the worker bee

thank goodness that colton's study habits have changed since high school! i don't think this art center place would put up with it. they sure know how to work somebody. colt gets up at 7:00 a.m. and then gets home twelve hours later to have a quick bite to eat, then he starts working on his projects again. he is usually up until two or three in the morning. but, he still loves it! he is doing really well. i am just beaming with pride when i retire to my bed at 10:30. he is probably glad i go to bed because i miss him so much during the day that when he gets back me and moby don't leave him alone. i snapped a few quick pictures of one of his projects, he wrote those words by hand! he is also doing a project on street art, so i thought i would document the process. and then i just threw in a little pic of moe's new bed. my boys are so darn cute!

a birthday visit

colton's cute mom and sister came out for cinthie's birthday a week ago. it was her wish to spend her day at the magic kingdom, no complaints from me. it is the happiest place on earth and i have had the privilege of going three times within my six weeks here, the yearly pass is now paid for. but we had a great time and we ate dinner at the restaurant in the pirates of the carribean ride. i have wanted to do that since the age of five. it was a total thrill! we also went into l.a. to the marc jacobs store, he is casey's very favorite. we had a lovely time!

February 5, 2008


a couple of saturday's ago colt and i went to the MOCA museum in l.a. colt has wanted to go for months and see an exhibit by takashi murakami. murakami is a japanese artist whose work is everywhere! he is the one who added the cherries and eyes to the louis vuitton bags. he did a collaboration with marc jacobs. (i personally feel that they ruined a great thing, why mess with something fabulous) he also has worked with kanye west and much more. it was fun to go to l.a. colt loved the exhibit. i was just excited to go to the louis vuitton store they had inside the museum.

bloggin for lemons

I have a great love for the lemon! They are so fresh and so clean.....What's that? You are wondering if I have my very own lemon tree? Well, yes I do. Come again? You are curious if a man/or woman with no experience in the kitchen can create a frosty picture of Lemonade? Why, yes! Yours truly actually whipped up some delightful strawberry lemonade! And yes it was more delicious than frickin Applebee's! Lemons are not only a tasty treat they have many useful qualities. For example, throw one down the grossest of disposals and it will freshen it up. They can disinfect all kinds of surfaces and clean jewelry. They are also great for your skin. They lighten and even out your skin tone. A great home maid facial is just a squirt of lemon juice into yogurt with live cultures and your skin will be radiant!

February 1, 2008

tara noelle

here is tara with moby who is having his first car wash experience of his life. there where mixed emotions about the whole thing. tara is so amazing and such a mega babe. while i'm at school and home working on school stuff, she is cleaning, cooking, reminding me to do important things like pay bills (important) and all the things so i can just focus and do my crap. so this is my public display of affection towards my babein wife.