June 19, 2012

Father's Day

we had a colton weekend, he is a father after all. things this good pop is into: flea markets, mexican food, & red velvet cake with rainbow chip frosting....for breakfast. oh...& lola. the brooklyn flea is awesome, great things there. lo was partial to this pig. we were more into the food than the goods...usually the case. we had the most amazing dark chocolate and vanilla bean shake there is! and the potato flautas blew our minds! breakfast cake...per request of the father. lo gave cake kisses on her own accord. some after church sketching and i think we had most of his favorites covered. they don't get better than this handsome fella right here.

June 15, 2012

The Gold Coast

i have inherited from my mother a little obsession of the great gatsby....really anything around that time of the rich and famous. so, when my friends invited me to the gold coast of long island, i was in! they call it "the gold coast" because anyone with power or money back in the day had an enormous estate there. vanderbilts, roosevelts, guggenheim's....all there. we headed up to the westbury estate. unfortunately, they were filming in the house, (happens quite often) so we couldn't go in. but, thankfully this place is famous for their gardens, and they did not disappoint! the day was really misty and no one was there.....it was so mysterious and enchanting. felt like there was a juicy story behind every turn! wish my mom was there.... madam lo couldn't help herself, she picked flowers all along the way. my favorite part was the thatched roof cottage. it was just a playhouse for kids! it killed us all with it's charm. lo was obviously having the time of her life... making wishes chasing a gaggle....would of gone right in the lake with them if i hadn't grabbed her. had to take so many pictures....this is only half! the place was too beautiful.

June 11, 2012

Girl Time

this little lady & i have got to spend a lot of time together. (i would say lately, but it has been like this since she arrived.) but, with the weather nice we have had a lot of lunch dates (our favorite thing to do...now that she won't sit through a movie...tear) park visits, and exploring the city. a couple of days ago we walked from downtown to midtown. we went to bryant park & the ny public library. highlight: the carrousel. she has learned her mama's bad habit....salt, salt, & more salt. yikes. loves to share...for now. glossing up after lunch. all girl. putting on quite the preformance in the library bathroom we debuted the moves on the train. we were hoping for a little scratch....didn't happen.

June 4, 2012


we broke a couple of rules this weekend. one: went on an air tram. we usually don't do this because colton & i become crippled with fear when facing heights. two: we bought ice cream from the ice cream truck on sunday. the truck was literally parked outside our house with it's tempting tune blaring for an hour. every kid in the neighborhood was enjoying a cone. we went on our usual sunday walk and beat temptation, until we walked in the house and colton ran out with a pocket full of change. he yelled on his way out "it's not breaking the sabbath if you pay for it in change!" a wild weekend. the tram took us to roosevelt island across the east river. it only costs your a swipe on your metro card! the city views were beautiful! poor lola.... finally!