June 4, 2012


we broke a couple of rules this weekend. one: went on an air tram. we usually don't do this because colton & i become crippled with fear when facing heights. two: we bought ice cream from the ice cream truck on sunday. the truck was literally parked outside our house with it's tempting tune blaring for an hour. every kid in the neighborhood was enjoying a cone. we went on our usual sunday walk and beat temptation, until we walked in the house and colton ran out with a pocket full of change. he yelled on his way out "it's not breaking the sabbath if you pay for it in change!" a wild weekend. the tram took us to roosevelt island across the east river. it only costs your a swipe on your metro card! the city views were beautiful! poor lola.... finally!


Stacey Salmon said...

Hahaa. Make sure you always have change on Sundays!!

Lindsay said...

I didn't know you had a blog! (I found it on FB.) Anyway, fun! Also, I've been dying to take my boys on the Roosevelt Island tram for a looong time, but we've just never made it up there. This summer will be the summer, I'm determined! :) I'm glad you conquered your fear of heights to ride it!