June 15, 2012

The Gold Coast

i have inherited from my mother a little obsession of the great gatsby....really anything around that time of the rich and famous. so, when my friends invited me to the gold coast of long island, i was in! they call it "the gold coast" because anyone with power or money back in the day had an enormous estate there. vanderbilts, roosevelts, guggenheim's....all there. we headed up to the westbury estate. unfortunately, they were filming in the house, (happens quite often) so we couldn't go in. but, thankfully this place is famous for their gardens, and they did not disappoint! the day was really misty and no one was there.....it was so mysterious and enchanting. felt like there was a juicy story behind every turn! wish my mom was there.... madam lo couldn't help herself, she picked flowers all along the way. my favorite part was the thatched roof cottage. it was just a playhouse for kids! it killed us all with it's charm. lo was obviously having the time of her life... making wishes chasing a gaggle....would of gone right in the lake with them if i hadn't grabbed her. had to take so many pictures....this is only half! the place was too beautiful.


jenn (+ will) said...

you guys have so much fun on your adventures! i'm jealous!

DESIGNmyheartout said...

Can we go back???!

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

You girls are too cute!!!!!!!!!