June 11, 2012

Girl Time

this little lady & i have got to spend a lot of time together. (i would say lately, but it has been like this since she arrived.) but, with the weather nice we have had a lot of lunch dates (our favorite thing to do...now that she won't sit through a movie...tear) park visits, and exploring the city. a couple of days ago we walked from downtown to midtown. we went to bryant park & the ny public library. highlight: the carrousel. she has learned her mama's bad habit....salt, salt, & more salt. yikes. loves to share...for now. glossing up after lunch. all girl. putting on quite the preformance in the library bathroom we debuted the moves on the train. we were hoping for a little scratch....didn't happen.


jenn (+ will) said...

these images are so sweet. what a fun day!!!

Lindsay said...

Caleb was on my lap while I looked at this post, and he kept shouting, "Down! Down, Mom! Look! Lola on the train!" Ha ha! Gotta love nursery buddies. :)