November 2, 2008

breaders cup

we were so excited to go to the breaders cup, but more excited to have don and joanie in town. they spoiled us rotten! colton had been planning to research the horses in anticipation for the big event, but luckily for us don and joanie are experts themselves. it was a beautiful day. santa anita was in her prime. we even got to sit at our own table with an umbrella. the horses were stunning. even more stunning were colton's winnings. he had decided the night before to put some money on 'desert code' whose jockey was dressed in a green shirt with a big toad on it. it was the long shot and we all thought he was crazy, but the joke was on us when the $2 bet on the 32 to 1 odds came in first place. we had so much fun, come back soon.


Wendy said...

You guys sure know how to pick a horse:-) We're so glad that you've had lots of family in town the last month...if only we were there too (sigh). By the way, Calli's comment on the post when your parents visited had us busting up laughing! We love you Corry's. We have Corryfever...and the only prescription is more...of you guys (and cow bell).

Kenadee said...

Hi Tara and Colton! Sounds like you guys know how to have a good time out there on the West Coast! I'm glad I found your blog It was fun to read about your crazy lives, and compared to ours they are crazy!! can't wait to hear more!

Mandy said...

the post from Kenadee is really from me- Mandy Telford- I didn't realize my niece had logged on, so now that you are really confused I'll go.