October 31, 2008

reality check

so, this guy came and spoke at my school the other day. he has his own design studio in new york and he is kind of a big deal in the motion graphics world. at the end of his great speech, he had some of the upper division students stick around for a challenge. i was fascinated by that idea so i stuck around. he gave this challenge and wanted to see storyboards and animatics the next morning at 10:00am (he gave the challenge around 9:30pm). so i thought, why not try? it could only be a good experience, and worst case scenario, if it doesn't go so good, i'm only in motion 1 and at least i tried? WRONG... not to go into too much detail because i know that most people become board with long blog entries. suffice it to say, he hated my idea and didn't see the connections and i was the only one out of the eight or nine students there who got pretty negative feedback. on top of that there were a handful of smirks and laughs from some of the people behind me. the words of kenny rogers came to mind 'you got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away and know when to run'. so it was one of those things. i decided to fold my cards and after that i called it a day, blew of my next class and came home and took a nap. these two sketches above were the first two of my storyboards sketches.


kelly said...

sometimes genius hates genius.

Bethers said...

I thought you were going to say that he made you his partner because you were so creative and free!

Shane said...

omg i like