October 6, 2008

a piglet in l.a.

we found barn yard animals in the middle of downtown los angeles! last weekend we got to go to the l.a. county fair. it was huge!!! and the amount of food was unimaginable! we ate ourselves to death. chase enjoyed a smoked turkey leg, colt and i had balboa bars and grilled corn. if you want something deep fried this is the place for you, they even had deep fried avocados. we felt a little like pigs ourselves.

i fell in love with this little guy. i wanted to take him home, but i found out he will weigh 400 lbs. when he grows up. needless to say, colt said no.


Calli said...

lil babe. i want one instead of a lap dog.

Kelly and Stacey said...

Piglets are so hard to catch, they are cute though. My dad once bought a house at the auction, only to find a 400 lb pig in the basement bedroom. Not so cute anymore.

Emily said...

thank u tara!!
looks like you had fun at the fair! you just do so many fun things!!
i sent that letter to the inactive girl in our ward :D
she'll probably think im so weird for randomly sending her a letter when ive never even met her before. haha
hopefully not though. have a great weekend!!

Parry's said...

How fun! My friend from high school had a pet pig growing up named wilbur. She loved him! I know that really explains where i grew up.. hahah

Carly said...

you guys are darling...i am glad you are having such a great time in CA.