December 6, 2009

we are fools.....apparently

we had no idea that traveling home from utah to california on a sunday, let alone a holiday weekend, is just plain stupid. but, obviously a lot of other people didn't know that either.
after a grueling 2 hours from vegas to prim and a twenty minute gas line, the flashing lights of the whiskey pete pet friendly hotel at $19.99 a night seemed like heaven.

once again we were fools. we are sure that there aren't fleas in heaven, at least ones that don't bite. poor pup.


Mari Ann said...

Yeh. We have already tried that and so we attempted to come home on Saturday. Our trip home took us 2 additional hours than it should have. Crazy stuff.

Davis Family said...

oh you poor things! all four of you!

Parry's said...

Oh wow that sucks so sorry:}

hill mill said...

our family fell for the 19.99 whiskey pete sign too one road trip. It actually wasn't that bad! {or maybe we were too exhausted to know the difference!}