August 29, 2009

m.i.a. & milan

dreams came true this week. we grooved to chase's pack leader, m.i.a. she is amazing!

moby & ernie submitted to theirs, cesar milan aka the "dog whisperer." cesar is amazing! friends were everywhere, we even found one of our two legged buds, dan davis. he was there for "work," truth be known he is a closet dog lover.
it was suuuuper hot, but the pools and water bowls saved the day. we were so excited to find that ernesto, the dad terrified of dogs had put the event together. (fellow d.w. fans, you know the episode....the one where cesar gives louis away! p.s. louis was there & ernesto is in the pic with the pack leader.) it was a miracle to see him with all of the dogs. we got to talk to him, he was taken with ernie. as were the movie scouts who asked him to stop by for an audition! haha two words: calm & assertive


kelly said...

Go Big ERN!

calli said...

i love him, i love him , i love him!
cesar el presedente!!!

nicole said...

i am cracking up at your comments on dan, slash so mad that i didn't end up coming down. funny thing is, i told dan i only was going to come if you guys were around ... little did i know you were already going to be there. next time - you me and cesar.

see you soon!

Brooke Zes said...

Yeah for the dog whisperer :)

So when I was with my sis... her son was obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba so of course you were on the brain, luv ya!

Heather said...

yo yo yo

Heather said...

yo yo yo