May 2, 2008

degenerates mania & violation the dmv

wednesday tara and i figured that it was about time that we went and got our california drivers licenses. we had tried once before, much to my chagrin, but we didn't have the proper documentation, so wednesday we returned with all the cards, licenses and certificates. we had to wait in a line to get a number, then wait to get our number called, only to then have some dude who... i really cannot be nice and explain the incompetence of this man. but that is how most of the workers there are. i don't get it. i guess you would have to have something wrong with you to be okay with working at a place like that. then we had to take the written test. the lady who handed out and corrected the tests made the last guy look like miles davis. suffice it to say, she was absolutely confused about the whole entering and exiting of the testing room. she would boss people around making up rules and then after telling tara that she passed told me that i failed. so i had to take a second test, which thankfully i passed. all and all we spent a good four hours in that ell ole. what a fiasco. we love l.a. but you have got to love the convenience of strolling up to the davis county d.m.v and leaving fifteen minutes later with time to take a dip at lagoona beach.


greg and lauren said...

sounds like a nightmare... but yay that it's over and done with. i am constantly astounded by the utter stupidity that exists these days; it's so unfortunate.

Cami said...

I have been there before and feel your pain. It was the worst experience of my life...I felt like I was trying to go through customs or something...not one person spoke english, they are fine making you sit there for 3 hours to then tell you you dont have the right papers..cant help you, and then push you on your way with out explaining what papers you need. It's oh so much fun.

Chelsea said...

You will be glad you got it. I got pulled over in Cali. and when I handed the cop my Utah divers license he asked me how long I had lived in Cali. and I was (stupidly) honest and got a BIG ticket! I wish I would have spent the 4 hours at the DMV!!! Im sure Oakland's DMV employees wouldn't have been any better. People can be so frustrating!