May 16, 2008

it always looked more impresive in text books

a couple weeks ago we got board and decided we wanted an adventure. tara's cousin carly and her husband oliver hiked machu picchu not too long ago, so we figures we would too. our peruvian guide took the pictures and if you ask me he did a terrible job. it make us look like we are just on some street in studio city and not really on the decent to the ancient city of machu picchu. see for your selves.

alright, we didn't really go to peru, but we did have an eventful week. stay tuned to find out all the crazy happenings in our lives. (spoiler alert) tara has a new bff who stars in their own daytime television show and who gave us monies.


Bethers said...

Ha ha! I really am going there in a year if you want to come too! HOw is it that everyone in Cali is hooked up to the stars? TELL US MORE!

Carly said...

the pics look fab, i wish our tour guide had such great skills.

jennrocket said...

these photos really make me want to go to peru! hahah you're too cute!