May 18, 2008

a mother's day visit

my sweet, sweet, family came down to see me again. i am so grateful to have been able to see them as much as i have. it is hard to be away from them, especially because we have so much fun when we are together! we had the best week. we missed hannah though, she had to stay back with paki and tonks because of school. (she is the most responsible of all of us) calli had been on a cruise and ended her trip in l.a. and we picked her up at the harbor. my mom and dad drove down and arrived just in time for us to watch lost. the next day the gals went and got pedi's and shopped. while my dad got a bike ride in. the next day we went to the grove in l.a. it is a big outdoor mall and farmers market. we went there to distract my mom and told her that colt and my dad were going to a bike store. the truth was they were going to the airport to pick up chase. my mom wanted him to come so bad, but he told her he couldn't miss work. little did she know we had a big mother's day/birthday surprise for the best mom in the world! it was good we went to the grove because it was quite the distraction. nordstrom was having a huge event because steve madden was there. they gave us american apparel t-shirts and we got to meet him. there was a dj and apparently a famous vj from BET (i am not a frequent watcher, so i didn't know who she was) but, even with the mass of chaos heidi picked her son out from a mile away and went running to him, it was great! she was shocked.we had such a great time. we couldn't truly celebrate heidi without a stop at the magic kingdom. we have absolutely gotten our money out of the season passes. and our love for disney grows more every time. we also went to olvero street for some mexican food. the whole time we just ate and saw movies. the binghams favorite passtimes.


nicole said...

I love the binghams. Tell them to all move to ca - please! So cute, and so fun that they always come and visit.

Emily said...

how fun! i love the grove!

and my mom and i have passes to disneyland so we will have to go in the summer!

Parry's said...

What a fun blog. I am finally getting to it! What a cute family you have. I love to hear and see the fun events you are up to! Oh and i hope ellen is today. I will be watching!

Bethers said...

You have the most beautiful family! I love the surprises.