May 3, 2008

our rose parade

every first thursday the huntington library & gardens is free entry, so last thursday tara and i rode our bikes there and had a nice time. the library holds an unbelievable amount of rare and first edition books. apparently henry huntington was collecting with the goal of having a library comparable to that of the british museum. the highlight for me, was for sure the books. i have for about the last four years taken interest in building up a little library, maybe a modern day gentleman's library, but in the last few years i have taken more liking to the process and actual design of the books, so it was sweet to see the gutenberg bible and all the books from the 15 century and upward. there was some really amazing stuff there. tara on the other had couldn't get enough rose sniffing. i will admit there were various smells, but tara was acting a little strange. those things are like drugs. i really couldn't get her to leave.


nicole said...

can we please see you guys soon??? We got here a couple days ago, and we want in on one of your fun days. I'll call soon!

Rachel Bott said...

Hey you two it looks like you are having fun in California. Hope all is well. Let us know when you are coming for a visit, we can't wait to see you.

Cam and Rachel Bott, by the way our blog changed so change it on your site to

Nick and Kaitlin Phelps said...

Hello Friends. Looks like your adapting well to the California weather. We just wanted to let you know we are the newbies on the blogging block. So add us to your page and drop by and say hi. Love and miss you guys. The Phelps