May 7, 2008

case dismissed

on the way to my first day of class a few months ago, i was pulled over for "failing to make a complete stop at a red light". what really happened is that i turned right on a yellow light and some wang cop pulled me over and made me late for my first class. fast forward a few months... i had a court date this morning at 9:00 am so i showed up and waited in all the lines and sat and waited, just waiting for the cop to show up and get the party started. after being forced into friendship with some lady who kept asking me questions about everything, i was called to the front and the clerk said my case was dismissed. i signed the papers and ran out of the courtroom happy as could be. so the system works i guess. i was just planning on showing up and exercising my right as a u.s. citizen and seeing what happens, and i don't know if the copper didn't show up, or what, but i will be getting a $160 back in the mail.

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Bethers said...

Yea! This happened to me in Farmington and I fought it and the same thing happened, the cop didn't show.