April 17, 2008

off to the races!

i felt just like julia roberts in pretty women as we stepped out to the santa anita race track! when, i was little my mom taped pretty women off of the t.v., she would let me watch the race track part and the shopping on rodeo drive. i loved it! (i promise that those were the only parts i saw.) so, this last week colt's dad, joanie, and grammy came out. we had a lot of fun. we went to the beautiful hunnington gardens, disneyland, and the races! the santa anita track is so beautiful. i felt like i was stepping back into the 1920's. the landscaping was immaculate, ladies in dresses and big hats, and the horses were breathtaking! we went down to pick out our choice to win. i fell in love with annie oakleaf. a beautiful, cherry black , underdog. we made eye contact and had a real moment, i knew she was going to win. she came in fourth. i guess i am not the horse whisperer, but i would still put my money on old annie!

here are the experts deciding on their bets

here we are at disneyland on the buzz light year ride. colt, had quite the high score. he was honored with galactic gladiator

while the folks were here, i had some much needed lessons in cooking! grammy is quite the gourmet along with joanie. i should say "don and joanie," they made a wonderful italian pasta called timbolo. we are still eating the left overs and loving it! grammy knows i have a fondness for the lemon and brought me a great magazine full of lemon delights! i made this cheesecake for you joyce, the love of the lemon part 2!


nicole said...

I don't think you and colt could be any cuter. I am calling you today. and I can not wait to come visit and try all the lemony treats. The baby loves citrus and root beer. It's all I crave.

clegger said...

Love the pictures. You are so pretty. It looks like you and Colt are totally livin' it up. I'm going to LA on May 2-7. We have got to meet up! Also, I think I may need that lemon cheesecake recipe. It looks divine. You are such a good homemaker!

Anonymous said...

you are the pretty woman. sounds like you are having a super time. terrie keeps me up to date when you are in town. maybe we can meet up?

Carly said...

tara...you are hilarious! And that delicious cheesecake, yum!

Dad & Joanie said...

You guys are too cute. The time we were able to spend with you was so nice...makes us miss you even more...looking forward to the next time we can make it to L.A.
The cheese cake looks yummy!

corryfever said...

last night pretty woman was on. turns out they didn't go to a horse race, but a polo match! i was humiliated and i felt very betryed.