April 2, 2008

dog parks & dream houses

look at those houses! pasadena is so charming, we really love it here. not only is the architecture beautiful, but this place is dog friendly! we love heading to the dog parks on saturday mornings. dog people are the best. they are automatically your friend if you have a dog in toe. the other day we headed over to the park and moby was greeted by six beagles! it was so funny. they were the only breed around. so cute! moby was definitely the minority.

p.s. those pictures of those homes are when i got lost. you don't even have to look for neighborhoods like that, they are everywhere...... i almost stole this little guy!


Carly said...

Oliver loves beagles, I think we will end up with one someday.

Those houses are amazing!

Kelly and Stacey said...

Aw, Moby looks so vulnerable in that picture!

Bethers said...

I love, love, love the middle house. I am kinda over dogs, however. We had them for many years and now I am fine without.