April 24, 2008

biking through san marino

so a few weeks ago i read on a blog that this gal and her husband ride their bikes to boarders and get hot cocoa and look at magazines for a little date activity. i think since we have a boarders a few blocks away, and since scratch is a little scarce these days, we are going to try that out. yesterday, in light of the fact that gas is over $4.00/gallon now(i want to revolt), we decided to get out and use our bikes. we went over to the amazing city of san marino and rode our bikes around looking at all the houses and we rode around the huntington library. it was such a nice day and the houses are pretty nice too. here are a few of our favorites.
the last one is real nice.


clegger said...

Tara! i will officially be in LA in one week! Do you want to go back to Huntington Library again? We need to hang out. I hope to see you!

Bethers said...

I love these Cali homes!!!