April 17, 2008

sweeded part tre

our love for everything sweedish continues to thrive! a few weeks ago we went into los angeles and saw little dragon (a sweedish band) at the roxy. unbelievable! it was one of the best shows i have ever seen. colt was so stoked on it he wrote them a thank you note on their myspace. these aren't the best photos, but the cute lead singer, yukimi couldn't stop grooving. she also sang with jose gonzales the other night, awesome...... WE WANT TO BE SWEEDED!

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Jo said...

hey guys! it's tim & nic's friend jo in slc. they directed me toward your blog and i have to say, i am obsessed with the swedes too! i had not listened to little dragons yet tho. but my current fave is lykke li. i'm going out to nyc to see her. have you heard it yet? or seen her amazing video?
sorry i could go on forever... glad you guys are having fun in cali!