April 18, 2008

one down seven to go

well after fourteen good weeks my first term at art center has come to an end. tara and i just got back from the senior show at my school and it was super wild and super inspiring. most of the work was of face melting / gut busting quality. there was so much talent in that building tonight. it is very humbling and inspiring. in my last class today, my professor said before we left: "everything you design will one day, sooner or later end up in a landfill. you are all talented designers but you are dispensable as designers, however you are not dispensable as sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brother and sisters.... so keep your priorities straight and a good perspective." i liked that.


Dad & Joanie said...

So Colt, does this mean you are going to shave?....just asking before someone else does (your dad, Grammy, Aunt Pat).

Seriously, congratulations, is must feel amazing to have the first one behind you...keep up the good work.

Kelly and Stacey said...

Congratulations Colt! We are so proud of you. We at the Jewkes house are all giving you a little whoo-hoo! Even Pearl is in on it.

clegger said...

Congrats Colt! That's exciting stuff. You are going to be famous one day and stevey and I will be so proud to be your buds. :)

marmy said...

We are really so very proud of you! You are so talented.
I love what your professor said that is great advice. Tara, I am very proud of you too. And I am a little proud of myself also for surviving this first term without all 3 of you.
One down and counting.