April 17, 2008

shout out for che!

i wanted to do a shout out ryan seacrest style (he does shout outs on the radio every morning), but my cute little brother isn't in l.a. (i wish) he is in seattle and all alone after a case of appendicitis! i called him the other day to complain about my foot cramping. i felt like a whiner after he said "oh, i am sorry. yeah i have been having severe cramping my my lower abdomen." after looking on web m.d. i told him to run to the hospital. he must have been in a lot of pain because he listened! we didn't hear from for hours. me and my mom were a little worried. (a lot worried, you know the bingham girls!) so, at two in the morning my dad calls ryan weed (chases roomie) he just laughed and said, "lance your boy is in surgury, he didn't call you?" no, he did not call us. but, he is doing good and running around parking cars already. chas, we love you........kul.


clegger said...

chase's picture reminds me of when Will Smith moved to Belair.

Hope he's on his way to a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

TARA! alli here. i am sorry to hear of Chases condiction. i too had pain in my lower abdomen and ended up in surgery. hope he gets well soon. ps i love so cal and disney land, can i be your next visitor? hope to see you soon.

Cami said...

Poor chase dee....sounds like he wasn't down too long! sheesh..i would have milked that. Looks like you guys are having so much fun! Miss ya!

Bethers said...

This must run in the family....it happened to Ian, too. Poor Chase, we love you.