March 27, 2008

sweeded part två

last night tara and i went downtown to the wiltern to see jose gonzalez. on a previous post i noted how we wouldn't mind being sweeded (referring to the movie be kind rewind) and i think after the show i am actively going to seek to be sweeded. (becoming awesome / of swedish nationality) he played solo for the first half, and by the sound of it you would have thought there were four guitar players playing. he was great. then he brought out yukimi nagano of little dragon and some dude to play the bongos and it was equirockin. (like equidistant, but in terms of rocking) it was great. i managed to record a little ditty on my point and shoot lacking in quality, but still pleasant.
p.s. två may or may not mean two in swedish.


Carly said...

How fun. I like Jose Gonzales, that must have been a blast.

nicole said...

Dan and I have been wondering if we should see that movie - is it good? And, I am indeed swedish, but it sounds like I might need to get sweeded because I have no idea what that means.