January 19, 2009

a very merry month at home!

long time no blog! i loose touch with pretty much everything when we go home. i have got my family and the movies, what more could a girl need? we were able to go home for like a month!!! it was the best. here are some pic's to prove it.
back with the pups after 3 weeks!!!
i missed them so much, i cried everyday.we had a fabulous sweater party hosted by the lovely mcrenolds family. we got to see all of our good friends and colt got to wear a pony tail.
a very delicious christmas eve dinner
colt and his dad
the boys dealing with the snow.....in matching canvas jumpsuits.

bowling with friendship

the red iguana.......so good.
to be continued.......

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Kelly and Stacey said...

Lots of great pictures! I especially love the two of you at the sweater party. It might be your best couple picture yet. I'm glad we got to see you while you were here.