September 6, 2012

a goodbye to brooklyn!

ouch, my heart hurts to do this post. i miss nyc everyday, but it was time to go. calli is always sending me helpful reminders. she was diligent in documenting the laundromat, subway, and the grocery store. being able to see family & friends daily makes everything worth it. i am longing for a slice of johnny's pizza and a playground surrounded by sky scrappers. there is no place in the world like new york! we did however give our beloved city a proper goodbye. here are the many pictures to prove it.
these two, couldn't have done it with out them! they worked so hard!
we hit up all of our brooklyn favorites. flea markets & lots of good eats.
we drug this little madam around everywhere. i must say city life is pretty hard with a toddler. especially one who dosen't enjoy being in a stroller. and you pretty much resort to anything on the subway to keep the little lady happy....even flower stickers on your cheeks.
movie night at bryant park...magical
a big....
kiss goodbye! we love nyc!


Katie said...

The sunflared family photo of you three (with the hydrangea) is my favorite. Beautiful farewell!

Carly said...

Hope you are getting plenty of Heidi/Calli time! Your photos are gorgeous! I miss NYC for you.

Emily M said...

Love all these pics! The filter on them is gorgeous! It was so good seeing you last week! Lolais such a cutie! Her headband in these photos?! Love it.