December 16, 2007

alright alright

word has spread that since we don't, or better stated haven't ever updated our blog, we have been removed from some friends friend list. now we don't want that happening and in truth there has been some exciting news in our life, so why the heck not blog about it and keep our friends? we checked and dan and nici have put us back on their friend list, so hopefully we can remain there.

list of exciting things:
1. we are moving to arcadia at the first of the year.
1b. we found a nice little house to rent there
1c. it's dog friendly lucky for moby
2. i (colton) will be starting school at art center in january
2b. that's the reason for the move
3. it's the holiday season
if i can think of any more i will write them later

here is where we will be living in the near future.
we think it will work. hopefully we will be able to
find a way to pay rent and stay.

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