January 14, 2008

arcadia residents fully engaged

the move from utah to california was complicated by a white out from north of beaver to cedar city, slowing traffic down to 30 mph max, making a fifty minute stretch into about a 200 minute snowy mess. we got here the day before i started a three day orientation at my school, which has been amazing. tara has done a great job of unpacking all our things and getting our house livable. since we have been here it has been relatively warm and relatively pleasant. we are getting accustomed to a few california specific things though. i learned this morning on the way to class that you can't roll through a yellow/red light to turn right and not get a ticket (you might not be able to do that in utah either) and tara learned that you can't put trash in the green can, because then you have to dig it back out and place it in the black can. you can't put most of it in the blue can either. so we are learning. heidi, lance and chase were a huge help in the move and after they left jake and mary visited and were a big help also. emotional mostly, but they did lend a helping hand. we have found a few great spots to eat so far and are on the constant lookout for more. art center blows my mind and my brain. i am amazed at the resources that are here. it is unbelievable. you truly have the ability to create anything you could imagine up and the instructors are world class. apparently the traffic patrol is world class also.


nicole said...

I'd love to see some shots of the new place! i know that tara has it all fixed up. Soon, I hope to see colton's work up for display on the blog. Thanks.

kelly said...

We miss you guys. It sounds like California is washing Utah right off of you.
Colt I am so excited to see what great stuff comes from your finger tips! You'll do great!

Greg and Lauren said...

i'm glad i found you guys on here! i hope you both are doing well in california and that you're getting all settled in.

xo the soderbergs