May 23, 2012

Under the Brooklyn Bridge

well, colton & brooklyn gave us a fine welcome back! we went to pier one under the brooklyn bridge, unfortunately the calexico cart was not there, but fortunately the brooklyn ice cream factory can always be counted upon for a scoop (or three in our case) of heaven! we have been wanting to take lola to the carousel there, but every time we have tried it has been closed. lola fell in love with a good carousel in st. george, so i wanted to make sure it was up & running before we told her we could ride the horse. i peaked around the corner and it was going. we were so excited! we all went racing toward the ride and practically ran into the "private party" sign. it was like a cruel joke. lo was pounding on the glass, big crocodile tears pouring out. the "private party" people had to have been heartless to not let her in. thankfully, she is still easily distracted by a good run in the park.
p.s. i want to live in brooklyn heights....bad.

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