May 21, 2012


the Madam & i had a blissful couple of weeks in sunny southern utah. it was suppose to be a few days for my mom's big 50th, but a stomach flu was the perfect excuse for an extended stay & then some. picnics outside the movie theater, all of our favorite eats, carousel rides, a blow up pool, & three undivided attention from bammy, aunt cal, aunt han, unky che, papi, & paki, santa clara proved to be better than disneyland! get ready for an obscene amount of photos.....
we went to the town square fountains almost daily, the smell of chlorine & snow cones was pure summer1
a desert hike in some desert overalls with cal was a definite highlight!
hurst general store...don't have this in new york.
dora day: bubbles, curlers, dora jams, & press on a nails...a real hit!
pretty nice time!

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Krysta said...

I love the press on nails. She is adorable!